…to the BOG, home to Hartlie, his critter friends and neighbors.

Yvonne Taylor, the Creator, Author and Illustrator, wrote this character building series in an effort to help children understand that nothing can overcome them if they are walking close to Jesus, trusting in His love and obeying His commandments.

As Yvonne frequently says, "Children are like flowers, they grow best in the Son."

Introducing: The Hartlie Series

Warm, whimsical parables, written around Hartlie and friends, the Bog critters. Each story created with an eye towards helping children form strong, healthy relationships with God, family and friends.
No matter life’s issue’s, Hartlie tackles them all from bullying to forgiveness and even grief, from a Bible based perspective.

7 stories currently available at Amazon.com
and over 30 in the series.

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Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to bring the light and truth of God’s word to children
everywhere, bringing them love, hope, help and peace in these often
confusing and sometimes frightening times.

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